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Auger sampler
  • TASK

    Transportation of oversized equipment in absolute safety


    Auger sampler


- Pikeville, USA
- Port of Novorossiysk, Russia
- Kyzylzhar, Kazakhstan

Customs clearance

Port of Novorossiysk, Russia


17 045 k/g


90 cub.m.

Type of transport



    • Forwarding and repacking on terminal
    • Consulting services at all preparation stages and implementation of the project
    • Port cargo handling
    • Warehouse Logistics
    • Rigging works
    • Installation / dismantling of the structural components of the transported cargo
    • Development of an individual route for the cargo
    • Dedicated group of specialists in customs clearance of project cargo


  • Timely delivery of oversized equipment for the mining industry, taking into account customs clearance of cargo
  • Professional customs clearance of goods at Novorossiysk customs in short time
  • Minimization of cargo delivery time due to preliminary professional development of the optimal cargo route

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