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Forestry equipment
  • TASK

    Oversized equipment transportation with total weight over 40 tons in accordance with international safety standards for cargo transportation


    Forestry equipment


- Canada
- Far East, Russia

Customs clearance

Vladivostok Customs


40 000 k/g


100 cub.m.

Type of transport

Sea, auto


    • Preliminary of design optimal route based on effective technical analysis
    • Customs clearance in short time. Cargo release in 48 hours.
    • Loading and unloading operations using standard and non-standard types of payload mechanisms
    • Documents preparation and classification solutions obtaining for various types of equipment
    • 24/7 support and detailed report provision at each stage of cargo transportation
    • Warehousing services


  • Ensuring cargo safety along the route
  • Timely delivery of oversized cargo
  • Professional customs clearance

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